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Professional Organic Keratin treatment in your home in Melbourne

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Simplify your haircare routine

Are you looking for a way to simplify your haircare routine? Image if you could have lusciously smooth, straight, shiny hair all the while never spending more than a couple of minutes each day on your daily haircare routine.

Our organic keratin treatment can give you just that. It’s perfect for busy women who:

  • Want lusciously smooth, straight and shiny hair
  • Want to simplify their daily haircare routine
  • Have frizzy or fuzzy hair
  • Have damaged hair 

 Lasting up to 6 months it’s a great long term solution for women across Melbourne. 

Salon Keratin Treatment at home in Melbourne

Our premium mobile hair salon offers the best of keratin hair treatments in the comfort of your own home using a Trichovedic Smoothing Treatment that is extremely effective in smoothing hair as well as nourishing your hair to ensure a long lasting beautiful shine, for up to 6 months!

The sound of smooth, beautiful hair is appealing to everyone, however achieving this result with a session of keratin hair smoothing treatment can take a few hours to complete in order to get the best keratin treatment results. 

Hours at a salon is exhausting. Our team shares your concern and so we now bring our expert keratin smoothing treatment right to your home.

We use protective measures to ensure your furniture and clothes are not damaged by our products.

With this in mind, your keratin treatment has just given you hours to spend at home watching your favourite show, chatting to your friends and just simply relaxing.

The results speak for themselves.

keratin treatment Melbourne at home

Salon Keratin Treatment At Home

Professional, Organic and Long Lasting!
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Some of our Keratin Hair Treatment Results in Melbourne

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keratin treatment at home Melbourne at home
keratin hair smoothing treatment melbourne
keratin smoothing treatment melbourne

We know how tedious it can be to look after unruly hair


Do you suffer from damaged hair, or perhaps fizzy or fluffy hair? Or perhaps you’re simply looking to simplify your hair care routine?

As busy women ourselves we know how difficult it can be to keep up a consistent haircare routine and keep our hair looking and feeling luscious and vibrant. With so many demands on our time and attention it’s easy to let our hair and subsequently our looks fall by the wayside, causing us to feel a lingering sense of frustration.

There’s got to be another way

You can keep trying to juggle the business of life all the while trying to maintain a consistent hair care routine. Or you could look for another more permanent solution. What if you could enjoy luscious, shiny, smooth straight hair without having to spend more than a few minutes a day on your hair? Sounds too good to be true right?

That’s what most women think, until they experience our in home organic keratin treatment.


How Our Organic Keratin Treatment Works

Our Organic Keratin is a smoothing restorative hair treatment. Repairing and nourishing the hair from the inside out, our keratin technology works by filling in delicate and damaged parts of your hair with keratin.

Our highly skilled hair treatment specialist will then use the hairdryer and hair iron to push the keratin deep into the hair shaft and seal it in. This action with the heat also removes any frizz and leaves the hair immaculately smooth, straight and shiny like you can see in the pictures on this page.

This beautiful and effective hair treatment is suitable for anyone who struggles with either

  • Damaged hair
  • Frizzy and fluffy hair
  • Anyone seeking smooth, straight and shiny hair whilst spending only a few minutes a day on their hair

Unlike other inferior products on the market our organic keratin treatments last up to 6 months.

You’ll experience lusciously smooth, straight and shiny hair day in day out with minimal hair care maintenance for up to 6 months! What would you do with all that time you would otherwise spent on your hair care routine?

Our organic keratin hair straightening and smoothing treatment is a great investment into yourself, allowing you to achieve that lusciously smooth hair with minimal daily effort. It could really change your life by simplifying  your day to day hair routine, allowing you to spend that time and energy on other things in your life.

To experience the benefits of our keratin treatment for yourself all you need to do is submit a contact form or call us to speak to our keratin treatment specialist to find out more and how you can have this treatment done in the comfort of your own home in Melbourne.

Premium Mobile Hairstylist and Makeup Artist in Melbourne

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Our Premium Salon Price List

Complimentary digital consultations are available prior to your appointment for styling, colour and mobile hair and makeup services. Please call (03) 4050 7078 or submit an enquiry form below to book. 

Please note, there is a 2 service minimum for our mobile stylists to come to you. 

Hair & Makeup with Stylist $260

Hair & Makeup with Senior Stylist $290
+$15 lashes
+$20 Hair Upstyle

Hair styling only $140

Makeup only $150

Bridal hair up from $150

Please speak to our head stylist to discuss wedding packages 


Hair Cuts

Cut and blow dry $129

Pensioners hair cut & blow dry (must be short and fine) $80


Mens Hair and Barber Service

Mens cut $70

Cut throat razor shave $50


Children's Hair styling

Childs cut (age’s 11 and below ) $60



Tint interim $90

Tint retouch $120

Tint retouch and refresh $140

Virgin tint short $160

Virgin tint med $180

Virgin tint long $200

Toner short $30

Toner long $50



T section $170

Half head $220

¾ head $250

Full head $300



Short from $200

Med from $300

Long from $400

Please note: Colour prices do not include a professional blow dry


Trichovedic Keratin

Short $300

Medium $400

Long $500


L’Oreal series expert intense mask $35

L’Oreal smart bond with no.3 conditioner $80


Our team is based in the CBD, travel fee starts from $50

Please note all services priced as “from” indicate a guideline of price as personalised quotation may be required, this will be discussed in your consultation

Bringing our premium hair and makeup salon to you.

Award winning hair and makeup for your next event or just to treat yourself! Based in Melbourne's CBD, we bring the salon to you, anywhere in Greater Melbourne 

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Premium Mobile Hair Stylist 

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Premium Makeup Artist 

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Wedding Hair & Makeup 

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