Keratin Treatment Melbourne

Professional Keratin Hair Treatment in your home that will nourish, soften and smoothen your hair

Keratin treatment in your home in Melbourne

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Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Our Organic Keratin is a smoothing restorative hair treatment.

Repairing and nourishing the hair from the inside out, our keratin technology works by filling in delicate and damaged parts of your hair with keratin.

Our expert hair treatment specialist will then use the hairdryer and hair iron to push the keratin deep into the hair shaft and seal it in. 

This action with the heat also removes any frizz and leaves the hair immaculately smooth and shiny like you can see in the pictures on this page.

This beautiful and effective hair treatment is suitable for anyone who struggles with either damaged hair, frizzy and fluffy hair or all of the above!

Lasting up to 6 months, keratin smoothing treatment is a great investment that will change your life and simplify your day to day hair routine.

Speak to our keratin treatment specialist to find out more and how you can have this treatment done in the comfort of your own home in Melbourne. 

Salon Keratin Treatment at home in Melbourne

Our premium mobile hair salon offers the best of keratin hair treatments in the comfort of your own home using a Trichovedic Smoothing Treatment that is extremely effective in smoothing hair as well as nourishing your hair to ensure a long lasting beautiful shine, for up to 6 months!

The sound of smooth, beautiful hair is appealing to everyone, however achieving this result with a session of keratin hair smoothing treatment can take a few hours to complete in order to get the best results.

Hours at a salon is exhausting. Our team shares your concern and so we now bring our expert keratin smoothing treatment right to your home.

We use protective measures to ensure your furniture and clothes are not damaged by our products.

With this in mind, your keratin treatment has just given you hours to spend at home watching your favourite show, chatting to your friends and just simply relaxing.

The results speak for themselves.


keratin treatment Melbourne at home

Salon Keratin Treatment At Home

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Keratin Treatment Melbourne

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